No Love Blues

Gershwin Siblings arthur

Ira, Frankie, George, and Arthur Gershwin

The Gershwin sibling that just rarely seems to get much love is Arthur Gershwin. Born on March 14, 1900, Arthur was the youngest of the three Gershwin brothers  — their sister Frankie was born six years later.

Arthur was self taught at piano and composition and had some successes in the ’30s and ’40s with the 1940 song “No Love Blues” being one of his bigger hits. As I got to know some of his songs, I found that I really liked his music, and I’ll be featuring more of his songs in the future. The big problem is that information about Arthur’s life is infinitely harder to find than about his more famous brothers.

Anyone who knows people who can help me tell Arthur’s story, I would love to hear from them! In the meantime, try printing this sheet music out and playing it yourself. C’mon, show Arthur a little love for his “No Love Blues.”

Download the PDF of the simplified sheet music to “No Love Blues” here: No Love Blues

Lyrics to “No Love Blues” by Eddie De Lainge:

I’m blue, so blue; I don’t know what to do.
I sigh and try to figure out just why.
The sky has moonbeams to thrill it.
The night has breezes to chill it.
The well has water to fill it,
but I’ve just got the No Love Blues.
The leaves have branches they cling to.
The bees have hives they can wing to.
The birds have mates that they sing to,
but I’ve just got the No Love Blues.
Tigers are very gruesome.
How come they make a twosome?
Even the bears travel in pairs,
but I’m so lonesome.
If I should smile then I’m faking,
to hide a heart that is breaking.
I can be had for the taking,
but I’ve just got the No Love Blues.

Arthur Gershwin born 21 Second Avenue

The neighborhood the Gershwins lived in at the time of Arthur’s birth at 21 Second Avenue, NYC c.1900

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