Dizzy in Love

G major tune 1930 - Gershwin song sketchEDITOR’S NOTE: This song was later given lyrics by Ira Gershwin and was titled “You Started It.” It was meant for the 1930 film Delicious, though it went unused. Update to follow.

Yes, I made up a title for this song! The song was never given a title. Rather than label it “Tune in G major” (which I considered to be unpardonably boring), I put on my Ira Gershwin thinking cap, checked out a 1920s’ slang website, and came up with the title “Dizzy in Love.”

It’s an upbeat, slightly quirky song written during the writing of Girl Crazy music in mid 1930. As I hear it back, my rendition sounds a little slow. Played slower, you can relish the harmonies and intricate melody. Played faster, you may lose some of that, but you also may be more impressed as the notes fly past. Fortunately, I’ve included sheet music so you can play it at whichever tempo you prefer. I’m thoughtful that way.

Gershwin Rosamond letter 1930

Gershwin’s March 21, 1930 letter to Rosamond Walling

So, was George “Dizzy in Love” in 1930? He was interested in Rosamond Walling who was away at Swarthmore College at the time. Evidently, George had proposed to the much younger Walling the year before, though she declined, as she was never convinced of the depth of his love for her, and hers of him.

Rosamond Walling

Rosamond Walling

His March 21, 1930 letter to Walling reveals George catching himself possibly being too “flowery” in his writing to her. Gershwin gives her Broadway updates, including a mention of the Girl Crazy producers “Aarons & Freedley,” as well as his eagerness to write “an opera, a symphony or some such thing.” At least we have the opera!!!

Download the PDF of the simplified sheet music to “Dizzy in Love” here: Dizzy in Love – 1930 Gershwin song sketch

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