Baby Blues

BABY BLUES 28 24-2.jpgThis is only page one of George Gershwin’s manuscript of “Baby Blues” from 1920’s Piccadilly to Broadway. The Library of Congress only possesses this one page, so until someone finds the long-lost pages, this is all we may ever hear of it. It was tempting to repeated measures 5-7, but it would have meant adding an 8th measure and I didn’t feel right doing that.


DeLyle Alda

The song was later interpolated into Selwyn’s Snapshots of 1921 and sung by DeLyle Alda (originally named Delilah Alda Leitzel, 1894-1927). The show ran for only 60 performances which was probably part of the reason this song was never published.

Lyricist Edward Ray Goetz was most famous for writing lyrics to the song “For Me and My Gal.” He was married to Irène Bordoni from 1918 until 1929. Bordoni was a singer who helped popularize Gershwin’s “Do It Again.” The lyrics by E. Ray Goetz appear to be lost along with most of the music.

For those few who might be interested in playing this partial song themselves, you can download the simplified sheet music in C here: Baby Blues (partial song)


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