Ripples_(musical)This is an Oscar Levant composition from 1930’s Broadway show Ripples with lyrics by Irving Caesar and Graham John. The title character of Ripples is Rip Van Winkle’s great-great-great granddaughter. In this song, Ripples realizes that she thinks of her potential love interest, Jack Sterling, as more of a kid brother, while Jack tries to convince Ripples how mature he really is.

Ripples’ father, Rip Van Winkle V (the fifth) was played by Fred Stone who was severely injured in a plane crash the year before. In his triumphant return to the stage his character Rip falls asleep and dreams he is surrounded by bootlegging dwarves. Heaven only knows why this show only lasted for 55 performances!

Prolific lyricist Irving Caesar joins the relatively unknown lyricist Graham John. Again, here is a Broadway lyricist with little biographical information available and no photo available online. Sorry, Graham, you know I would have added your photo if I could find it. He did also write lyrics to two other Broadway shows you may remember: 1929’s The Street Singer and 1925’s By the Way. As is often the case, the peculiar theme of this love song and the title phrase itself may have doomed it to obscurity, though Levant’s effort seem praiseworthy in and of itself.

Download fake-book style sheet music to “Babykins” here: Babykins


Lyrics to “Babykins” by Irving Caesar and Graham John
(Duet for Man and Woman)

Man: Why is my love useless?
Nature could hardly produce less.
Why do you keep treating me as though I were three?
I have lips to kiss with, arms to encircle a miss with.
How old should a fellow really be?

Woman: Close your eyes and be my “Babykins”
Compromise and be my “Babykins”.
Though you hate to do it, you’ll have to own up
that you’re hardly grown up at all.
Let me mother you, my “Babykins.”
Hold no other view, my “Babykins.”
For the present that is how you affect me.
How can you expect me to fall?
If you’re not a baby, why not act your age?
If you’re not a baby, why get in a rage?
You’ve a funny little way that wins,
and they say this is how love begins.
So let’s wait till bye and bye, baby. Don’t be a cry-baby, “Babykins.”
Close your eyes and be my “Babykins.”

Verse 2
Man: I don’t want to be your “Babykins.”
So don’t make me your “Babykins.”
Why don’t you go out and get me a dolly, a bib and a lolly pop too?
I don’t want a girl to mother me.
I’ve a mother in my family.
Maybe two mamas might be twice as pleasant.
Still one for the present will do.
Adolescent lady, don’t think I’m green.
I am twenty-one, and you are sixteen.
Woman: But I’ve read about this world of sins.
Man: Where your knowledge ends, dear, mine begins.
Woman: So why wait till bye and bye, baby.
You’re really my baby, “Babykins.”
Man: I don’t want to be your “Babykins.”


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