Then Came the Rain


Charlie Tobias

Oscar Levant wrote “Then Came the Rain” with the help of lyricist Charlie Tobias. It was recorded in 1939 by vocalist Russ Carlyle and the Blue Barron Orchestra and also by vocalist Anita Boyer with the Dick Barrie Orchestra in that same year. But its claim to fame doesn’t stop there! It was also featured for about 10 seconds in “Porky’s Bear Facts,” a Porky Pig short from 1941.

Lyricist Charlie Tobias wrote hundreds of songs in Tin Pan Alley, with his most famous being “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.” His songs have been featured in recent shows like “The Sopranos,” “The Gilmore Girls,” and the movie “Pearl Harbor.”

I have created two different renditions of this song. The first follows the original sheet music through three different keys. The second version matches the simplified sheet music I created. It is in the key of C and is comprised of a chorus, verse, short bridge, and an instrumental (no lyrics) variation on the chorus.

Download the fake-book style sheet music to “Then Came the Rain” here: Then Came the Rain

And here is a shortened version for piano and strings in C which matches the fake-book sheet music.


Lyrics to “Then Came the Rain” by Charlie Tobias

Then came the rain, then came the showers.
I’d pace the floor and watch the door through endless hours.
The heavens cried for me in sympathy because you were gone.

Then came the rain without a let up.
I’d go to sleep and weep and hope I’d never get up.
With you away from me, I didn’t want to see another dawn.

Each raindrop kept calling out,
“We’re sorry you’ve had this falling out.”
While deep within me a voice would say,
“Don’t take it so to heart, love will find a way.”

Then came the rain, and then a rainbow.
For when you opened up the door I saw the rain go.
The sun came through the mist.
The moment that we kissed the rain was gone.


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