Snow Flakes


Edith Hallor

Did George Gershwin ever write a Christmas song!?! Well, not quite, but given how many Christmas albums these days seem to consider any winter-themed song to be suitable, “Snow Flakes” may some day become a “Christmas” song.

Occasionally referred to as “Love Me While the Snow Flakes Fall,” this is a love song set in the snowy days of winter. Arthur Jackson’s lyrics are very serviceable and not terribly dated, though I am not a huge fan of rhyming “you, dear” with “do, dear.” This was one of three existing Gershwin songs from Broadway Brevities of 1920. It was sung onstage by Edith Hallor, also remembered for her role in 1917’s Dance and Grow Thin and 1945’s Having a Wonderful Crime. (Wait, you don’t remember those?) A fourth song called “I’m a Dancing Fool” may be gone for good, as my research can find no sign of it.

Gershwin’s tune is another fine, singable melody, though piecing together the chord harmonies from the sheet music was a bit more challenging than usual, and it required a bit of educated guesswork and musical intuition, which I hope I am developing after exploring so many Gershwin songs. Gershwin throws in some odd harmonies, especially at the 29 second mark of my version below. I play that measure note for note from the sheet music, but it is still pretty harsh to my ears. I try very hard to be accurate when assigning chords to these songs, and only very rarely will I cut back on extremely dissonant harmonies for the sake of the novice/intermediate piano player of my fake-book style sheet music.

Download fake-book style sheet music to “Snow Flakes” here: Snow Flakes



Lyrics to “Snow Flakes” by Arthur Jackson

Wild winds are blowing, storm clouds are growing, all the world seems cold.
Come and let me hold you, dear do, dear.
When we’re together, no sort of weather can destroy our love.
Through the wintery storm, love will keep us warm.

Love me, love me, while the snow flakes fall.
Tell me that you love me best of all.
Though the snow clouds hover over head, sunshine has not fled.
Kiss me, kiss me, hold me close to you. Make this world a paradise for two.
Put your arms around me, and love me, darling, while the snow flakes fall.


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