Scandal Walk


Ann Pennington

For the George White Scandals of 1920, George Gershwin and Arthur Jackson created a Scandal song that spoke of a Scandal dance. Most self-referential dance songs introduce the world to a new dance step, but “Scandal Walk” is more about gossip than choreography. This song was introduced to the world by Ann Pennington, not surprisingly in 1920, and was more recently featured in the TV series The Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesChapter 21: Scandal Of 1920.

Like other oddly-themed showtunes, this song has not fared well as a standard of the great American songbook, probably because of the very specialized lyric that was required for the stage number. Nonetheless, it is a prototypically lively Gershwin song and great fun to play on the piano. I have transcpoed it into the key of C for ease of play.

Download the PDF of the fake-book style sheet music of “Scandal Walk” here: Scandal Walk

Lyrics to “Scandal Walk” by Arthur Jackson

Have you heard the latest scandal?
It’s the talk of the town.
It’s a dance of renown.
It has just come around.
There’s no dance can hold a candle
to this new one I’ve found.
Soon every band’ll be inviting you to “Scandal.”

Everybody, do the Scandal Walk. It’s easy.
While you listen to the Scandal Talk. So breezy.
Pick someone out to whirl about.
Don’t be in doubt about it.
You can do it, nothing to it.
Pass the latest scandal to and fro,
and when you find you’ve told each other all you know,
why then you seek someone new to gossip to,
when you do the Scandal Walk.


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