We’re Pals

We're PalsFrom the 1919 show Dere Mable, “We’re Pals” is an unconventional showtune since it is about a man and his affection for his dog. Though it never became a big hit, lyricist Irving Caesar said that after this song was performed in the show, “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

George Gershwin’s sheet music calls for the chorus to be played “Slow with great expression.” Since I record the songs into GarageBand which only allows a steady beat, I have a little trouble being very expressive. I changed the key from E flat to C for ease of play.

Download the fake-book style sheet music for “We’re Pals” here: We’re Pals

Lyrics to “We’re Pals” by Irving Caesar

Ev’-ry place we went
you were as true as you could be.
When the nights were bleak,
and we felt tired and weak,
I have known there’s lots of things that you would say to me,
if you could only speak.
I want to tell you I feel
that our friendship is real.

We’re pals
a couple of pals,
a couple of true pals,
that’s what we are.
We’ve been
through thick and thin.
Both traveling side by side,
far and wide,
land or sea,
there were we.
Most times
we’d no place to go,
But I never worried with you along.
Though there is no way that I can show to you
the heaps and heaps of gratitude I owe to you,
Don’t fret.
I owe you a debt.
I’ll never forget
we’re a couple of good old pals.


George Gershwin’s dog Tony


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