Since you can hear George Gershwin’s own stellar performance of “Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo” online, I decided to put mine in a 4/4 swing rhythm and change it to the key of C to make the sheet music easier to play. I realize my version can’t compare with Gershwin’s, but I can try to make it more accessible to the beginner piano players of the world.

There’s a reason I had only heard the instrumental version of this song. The lyrics for this La La Lucille! song from 1919 are about the song itself and its hummability. Granted, the music is hummable, but how that qualifies as lyric-worthy, I don’t quite get. If you think it could use a lyric overhaul, feel free to head over to the Updating Old Lyrics section of the Lyrics Contests section of our website and share your lyrics.

Download the fake-book style sheet music to “Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo” here: Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo


Lyrics to “Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo” by Arthur J. Jackson and Buddy DeSylva

Soon you will meet
Folks on the street,
And you’ll want to know the little tune
They croon.
I’m one who knows
Just how it goes.
I will sing that
little thing that
You’re missin’,
Now, listen:

That’s how it goes.
The tune that grows
More chummy and hummy ev’ry day.
So snappy, each happy
Man and miss’ll
Learn to whistle
And then you’ll see
No matter where you go
That tune will be.
I’ll bet you it gets you
When it becomes
The tune that ev’rybody hums
The tune that ev’rybody hums.


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