Tum On and Tiss Me

Unfortunate title. Unfortunate lyrics. But we are fortunate that George Gershwin’s music endures.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 9.04.57 PM

Scene from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Ch. 21

I so wanted to at least update the title to “Come On and Kiss Me,” (some authors have), but decided against it was originally published “Tum On and Tiss Me.” The song was featured in the Broadway revue George White’s Scandals of 1920, and is sung from the perspective of a young child. If you want to see how this might have looked onstage, you need only watch this episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles featuring a historical-fictionized George Gershwin and George White’s Scandals of 1920.

Download a fake-book style sheet music PDF of “Tum On and Tiss Me”: Tum On and Tiss Me


Lyrics for “Tum On and Tiss Me” by Arthur Jackson

There’s such a lot of things a tot can’t do, it’s true.
Until you’re old, they’re never told to you, to you.
Why, I just found out about tissing, that it is a joy.
I never knew what I was missing, but now, Oh Boy!

Won’t someone help me out. My lips are starting to pout.
Tum on and tiss me. I want to be tissed.
There’s one ready you see, so won’t you take it from me,
tum on and tiss me. I wouldn’t resist.
I got scolded today. My mama told me not to.
But when I feel this way, I’ve got to, got to, got to.
There’s no harm in a tiss, and I don’t care if there is,
’cause I’m a tiss me doll.


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