From Now On


The cast of 1919’s La La Lucille!

From the 1919 Gershwin musical La La Lucille!, “From Now On” is about a husband’s love for his wife. This song takes on new meaning in the show as the husband has been offered an inheritance of two million dollars on the condition that he divorce his wife.

The lyrics are possibly not the most memorable part of this song. Gershwin thought enough of his music of “From Now On” to record it to a piano roll (see link below). After having produced my own rendition of this song, it was amazing to hear what he can do with the exact same material. Sure he could play piano, but he never made a blog quite like I did.

Download the fake-book style sheet music PDF of “From Now On” here: from-now-on

Here is a YouTube link to hear Gershwin himself playing his song for a piano roll recording.

Lyrics to “From Now On” by Arthur J. Jackson and Buddy DeSylva

Don’t you recall the day that I was wed to you?
Don’t you remember all the things I said to you?
I had a long, long journey,
but when I found you, dear,
I knew my journey was ended; love was here!
And the I whispered in your ear:

From now on, my love will all belong to you.
The day is now gone when any other girl will do.
I’ve learned to worship the day
that heaven sent you my way.
Oh, how I hope and I pray
that you’re here to stay and always honor and obey.
I’ve wanted a certain someone just like you.
My dreams you’ve haunted,
and now you’ve made them all come true.
I’ve saved my love from the start.
It’s stored right here in my heart,
and, dear, from now on
I’m going to give it all to you.


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