Something About Love

something-about-loveFrom the show Ladies First of 1918 and The Lady in Red of 1919, this is one of a handful of songs George wrote with high school English teacher, lyricist, and friend, Lou Paley. Lou’s brother Herman worked with George at Remick’s music publishing house and introduced the two. The Lady in Red had a fairly short run, so Gershwin was fine with reusing this song in yet another of his shows: the London production of Lady, Be Good!.

“Something About Love” is probably best remembered not for the song itself, but for inspiring another Gershwin tune: “He Loves and She Loves.” The inspiring passage is a melody that only appears once in the song and in the last eight measures. As I struggle with whether it’s a good or bad idea to change Gershwin tunes from march or ragtime rhythms in 2/4 to 4/4 swing rhythms, it’s interesting to me that that’s exactly what Gershwin did when he took those last eight bars and created a new Gershwin classic in 4/4.

Here is the PDF of the fake-book style sheet music of “Something About Love”: something-about-love

Lyrics to “Something About Love”

by Lou Paley

Adam and Eve were once a loving pair.
Just take my word for that.
They were the first to have a love affair.
Heaven was in their flat.
Love was then a baffling proposition.
Solving it is man’s ambition.

There’s something about love that I love and you love.
Oh it’s something we can’t explain.
A kiss and a touch mean ever so much.
They captivate your heart and brain.
There’s something about love that’s magic, it’s tragic.
It gladdens and saddens too.
It’s something we’re falling for, our hearts keep calling for.
There’s something ’bout love that
I love, and you love, and he loves, and she loves.
There’s something ’bout love we love.


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