Some Wonderful Sort of Someone

The first George Gershwin song to be published by T.B. Harms was “Some Wonderful Sort of Someone,” which was featured in the 1918 Broadway show called “Ladies First.” The lyrics are written from the perspective of Cupid and were written by Schuyler Greene.

George Gershwin’s “Some Wonderful Sort of Someone”:

PDF of fake-book style sheet music of Gershwin’s Some Wonderful Sort of Someone in the key of C: some-wonderful-sort-of-someone-in-c

PDF of original sheet music of Gershwin’s Some Wonderful Sort of Someone in A flat: some-wonderful-sort-of-someone3

some-wonderful-sort-of-someone2Lyrics to “Some Wonderful Sort of Someone”:
First Verse: In me, girls, you see
one who works ever patiently
up on the heart of man.
(And with more or less success.) So if I can
imbue each of you with a whole lot of patience and a modest share of love.
Surely as the little stars are up above.

Chorus: Some wonderful sort of someone
one morning,
without warning,
will happen along.
And some day, some wonderful sort of someone
will bring you
joy and sing you
one wonderful song.
And when for you life takes on a new charm
and all the future seems rosy,
there is a cottage where everything is comfy and cozy.
Some wonderful little someone,
a sweet wonderful little someone
will come into your life and make it complete.

Second Verse: Some day tho’, you may
from the world try to hide away
upon some lonely isle,
with surprise you’ll realize that all the while
a sly little, shy little, spry little fellow with an arrow and a bow
had his eye upon you and before you know: (Some wonderful sort of someone…)


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