I’m All Washed Up On Love

radio-city-music-hallIn 1935, Kay Swift was hired to be one of five staff composers for Radio City Music Hall, the largest theater in the country at the time. One of the songs she and her lyricist Al Stillman wrote was “I’m All Washed Up On Love.” An atypical love song if there ever were one, it tells the story of a new mother of a feline sextet who is keen to rebuff her suitors romantic overtures. It was picked up for a time by a Broadway show called “Parade”, but was later dropped. So I guess the lesson is that singing cats were never meant to appear on Broadway.

Learn more about Kay Swift at http://www.kayswift.com/bio.html which is run by the Kay Swift Memorial Trust.

Download the original manuscript PDF for I’m All Washed Up On Love: imallwasheduponlove

Download the fake-book style sheet music PDF for I’m All Washed Up On Love (in C): im-all-washed-up-on-love-in-c3

Download the fake-book style sheet music PDF for I’m All Washed Up On Love (in the original E flat): im-all-washed-up-on-love-in-e-flat3

And without further ado, the internet debut of a song that has rarely been heard since those early days at Radio City Music Hall: “I’m All Washed Up On Love.”

Lyricist Al Stillman was born in New York City in 1906 and wrote lyrics for Radio City Music Hall for nearly 40 years!

He wrote with Fred Ahlert, Robert Allen, Percy Faith, George Gershwin, Ernesto Lecuona, Paul McGrane, Kay Swift, and Arthur Schwartz, and among his best known songs are “Chances Are”, “Home for the Holidays”,”It’s Not for Me to Say”, and “No, Not Much”.

Though inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1982 and a writer of presumably over 1,000 songs, there is not one single photo of Al Stillman available online. If you know of one, please send it my way. Thanks!

Lyrics to “I’m All Washed Up On Love” by Al Stillman:
-m e o w- -m e o w-
-m e o w- -m e o w-
Tom Tom Thomas cat  -m e o w-
I know what you’re driving at. -m e o w-
Better make a bee line for some other feline
for I’m going to leave you flat.
Tom Tom Thomas cat, that’s that. -m e o w- -m e o w-

When you talk of love’s young dream,
I just think of fish and cream.
Give up the mewing,
there’s nothing doing.
I’m all washed up on love.
If I thought that I could be on
easy street like Mrs. Dionne,
I’d say O. K., but until that day,
I’m all washed up on love.

Compared to me her glory fades.
I can give her cards and spades.
I gave birth to an even six,
but did I get my picture in the papers? Nix!
You stand there and swish your tail,
doin’ it to no avail.
I’m in no mood for another brood.
I’m all washed up on love.
Here’s one kitten who’ll stick to her knittin’.
I’m finished, I’m done,
I’m through, here’s one
kitten all washed up on love.

Technical notes: The above SoundCloud song was played note for note from the original manuscript into GarageBand, and this version was transposed down to C for ease of play in simplified sheet music form. Also, GarageBand does not allow for the tempo and dynamics variations specified in the sheet music. To hear those, you may have to hire a pianist to play it for you. It’s okay, they get requests like that all the time.


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