A Moonlight Memory

14713535_10210791916372117_3663947947323369044_ncI thought I had discovered a buried treasure. I stumbled upon an eBay posting of a royalties contract for the song “A Moonlight Memory” by Kay Swift and Edward Heyman. I thought I had heard of every Kay Swift song, having read her biography and researched her catalog, but this song I had never heard. I was able to track it down in a YouTube video called Rambling ‘Round Radio Row #9, a short film from 1933. The song starts around the 4:30 mark.

Since I saw no other sign of this song online, I decided to transcribe it and share it with the world. I sent a copy to Kay Swift’s granddaughter, Katharine Weber, co-trustee of the Kay Swift Memorial Trust, to make sure it was okay with her to post this song. Well, much to my surprise, I receive back the actual 1933 published sheet music of “A Moonlight Memory.” (See pdf below.)

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-9-01-34-amThis 1933 sheet music has an intro which was not in the film; one of a few reasons it’s a better representation of the song than my transcription. Thanks to the Kay Swift Memorial Trust for permission to post it here.


Kay Swift and George Gershwin at Kay’s home in Greenwich, CT c.1928

You can learn more about Kay Swift, the important role she played in Gershwin’s life, and the Kay Swift Memorial Trust here.

Original 1933 Sheet Music PDF: Download here: moonlight-memory_sheet-music-2-1

Here is my rendition of the song in 4/4 time to give it a more modern feel:

Download the PDF of the fake-book style sheet music to it here: A Moonlight Memory (in 4:4)

Below is the song from the film:


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